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Salon Alliance FAQ's

Q: What is the Salon Alliance Program ?
A: The Salon Alliance is a partnership between the Salon and BSD designed to grow your business through education and incentives.The program consists of:

  • BSD Rewards Program
  • In-Salon Education
  • Learning Labs
  • Pure Hair Sessions


Q: Is the Salon Alliance Program only for current BSD customers ?
A: No. The program is available to both new and existing BSD clients.
Q: How do I apply ?
A:  Simply complete the online application form  then a BSD Salon Consultant will contact you to setup an appointment.   Apply Now.
Q: Are there any requirements to join the Salon Alliance Program ?

A: The salon must carry 1 complete BSD permanent hair color line (i.e. Scruples)

and 2 complete other categories (for example White Tea and Illusionist). Minimum Salon purchases for these products must be a minimum of :

$650 Per Month to Achieve Gold Rewards.

Q: I already carry a BSD permanent hair color line do these purchases count ?
A: Yes ! Your salon representative can review your purchases and determine what other qualifications
need to be met to become a Salon Alliance partner.
Q: I am a new customer how do I qualify ?
A: The requirements are the same as existing customers. As a new salon the minimum
 opening investment is $1000.

Education Details

Q: What types of Education are included in the Salon Alliance Program ?
In-Salon Start up class- We will schedule an in salon get acquainted class, to familiarize you with the color system and accompanying items.

Salon Tech on site – Within 4-6 weeks, we will schedule a certified salon tech to do an update
and question and answer session with your staff, followed by a 4 hour  in salon hands on
experience where we will help you "live" with formulations in your salon for the day.
Learning Labs-  On going educational support – you will receive on going educational support
at our BSD Training Studio. Most learning labs are free and at no cost to Salon Alliance Partners.
Pure Hair Sessions – Pure education with out the sales hype. Tap into your creativity with our
Pure Series classes. No Product selling, no kidding. Experience pure education quarterly classes
with leading industry artists. Featured education ranging from:
  • Color Foundations
  • Color Correction
  • Cutting and Fashion

 Classes will fill up fast and are on a first come first serve basis. Use your rewards points to pay for these classes or receive discounted rates. 

Rewards Program Details

Q: How does the Rewards Program work ?
A: See details below:
  • Participating salons will earn points based on "qualified"  haircolor purchases and their quarterly salon level :
    • Gold  Level Salons earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent

NOTE: Qualified Color purchases are based on the line you registered for and purchases cannot be combined. For example, A Scruples Salon Alliance Salon will earn points based on the Scruples purchases only . 

  • The more you buy the more points you will receive.
  •  Points will be awarded on a quarterly basis.
  • The points are redeemable for products available on the BSD online store.
  • BSD has partnered with Product Club to offer hair color related supplies that you use every day.
 Q: Do Rewards Points Expire ?
 A:  Rewards Points are valid all year. At end of year a summary will be emailed to existing Salon Alliance Members notifying them of their current point balance and the expiration date of their Rewards Points
Q: Can Rewards Points be used for Education ?
A: Yes you can redeem points and apply them to upcoming Educational Events.
Q: Can I redeem Rewards Points for Cash ?
A: Rewards Points are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable.
Q: Can I return or exchange a Rewards Order ?
Any rewards orders placed, once shipped are not returnable or exchangeable and have no cash or credit value. If item is received and defective, manufacturer warranties apply and must be handled in accordance to that policy.